About Us

The House of Laws is a registered law firm made up of star-studded consortium of pro-active lawyers, professionals, legal experts, activists, advocates and solicitors of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

The firm is established and registered to provide a bastion and fortress of refuge for persons of all classes, races and nationalities, rich or poor, aborigines or migrants, Nigerians or non-Nigerians from and against all forms and manifestations of injustice, inequity, oppression, distrust, misuse of power or abuse of office resulting in the violation of breach of the fundamental and constitutional rights as well as the public rights of the people.

The House of Laws is led and founded by Barr Joseph Mmaduabuchi Ogbuka Aci Arb, Fci an egalitarian legal luminary and a Human right activist whose passion for Legal erudition, Bar Advocacy and Human right protection is legendary. The Chambers was at first called JMCC Ogbuka & Associates (Cicero Chambers) and in 2011 the chambers was registered as a Business name as Ogbuka, Ogbuka & Associates (Cicero Chambers). However, in 2014, the chambers was registered as a law firm with the name The House of Laws Chambers and publications with Barr. JMCC Ogbuka as founding Associate and Principal legal officer.

Due to the activism and radical background of its founder, the House of Laws is more pronounced and famous for its exploits in the defense and advancement of the cause of Equal rights and Justice, Fundamental Human Rights, Constitutional Rights of individuals or groups of individuals as well as well as result oriented bar advocacy.

To successfully live up to the full scope of its objectives and mandate, the House of Laws has departments and sections covering all branches and areas of legal practice in Nigeria to wit Litigation and Bar Advocacy, Fundamental and Constitutional rights activism, Property and Corporate legal practice, Law of Taxation, Publications of Law journals and Law Report digests, Law Research, Development and reforms, Legal Education and development of the knowledge base of Lawyers and non Lawyers in the practice and knowledge of Law as well as Arbitration.